Pre Wedding Session

We do not shoot models; we shoot normal people like you. If you never had a photoshoot before, chances are you will feel awakard at first. No matter how confident you think you are, no one wants to have awkward wedding photos. Spend some time with us, go somewhere special to both of you, let us guide you into natural poses, make you feel comfortable being photographed and take some great pictures.


With an investment starting from $1088 for a 3 hours engagement/ Pre-Wedding session, you will receive all unqiue low resloution preview images and 25 selected high resolution edited images within 8 weeks from your date with a bonus slideshow of selected images.

Wedding Day Coverage

On this special day you deserve to enjoy every moment of being in love with your partner, afterall, this is the day you have been waiting for after months of planning. Relax and bask in the moments of happiness, just let us capture those heartfelt moments so that you can relive them for years down the road.  We will be aound to discretely document the moments of you being in your most true self and allow the camera shy you to be your most natural state.


With an investment starting from $2000 for a typical 10 hour wedding, you will receive all unique high resoultion edited images (minimum 600) within 12 weeks of your beautiful wedding day. In addition we will also do up a bonus slideshow of selected images.


To sweeten your memories, we will take 15% off your Pre- Wedding sessions if you sign up for our Wedding Day Package.

Overseas Destination Wedding.

Contact us to provide a customised overseas photography package specially for you.

$1800 + photographer's airfare + accomodation.

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