We got Apic Moments for our actual day wedding photographer. Gwo Wei was our photographer, and what he has captured for us, was not just beautiful photographs, but a story of the emotions and expressions experienced. He managed to freeze a slice of time for our future reminiscence, and managed to do so without getting intrusive and directing. It was as if he would fade into the background, yet still be in the right place to capture that perfect shot.

We had a late request for the gatecrashing slide show, but with some reservations that a series of pictures might not be as immersive as a video. However, Gwo Wei blew us away with the quality of work, as well as any reservations that we initially had. Deprived of the use of cinematography effects, Gwo Wei orchestrated an emotive series of pictures that we would define as neatly packaged, yet expressively impactful.

In addition, we had the chance for a sneak peek of a handful of photos that he took for us over the course of the day. We fell in love with his framing, which is best described as professional with a flair of creativity, and his unique perspective and attention to the smallest of details.

All in all, we are truly impressed with his mastery of his skills, and look forward to seeing the remainder of the pictures taken on our wedding day. Thank you Gwo Wei and Apic Moments.

Vince & Amanda

Vince & Amanda Tan

It has been a wonderful experience with the Apic Moments team. Kudos to Gwo Wei & his team for capturing all the treasured moments during our wedding day. He reminded me to just enjoy the day and he will take care of the pics. It really felt like we were working with good friends. smile emoticon The family & friends all had fun that day and I'm really glad that the small details were captured. At the end, all the pics turned out really beautiful and we can't be any more happier than that.

Thank you Gwo Wei, Mich & the team for always being so helpful and kind through this entire journey, from the search for our photographer & videographer to the wedding day to eventually receiving the pics & videos. Great job everyone! 

Alex & Val

We had engaged Apic Moments photography service for our wedding solemnisation in June last year. Since then, we were of course very convinced that we would like to work with them again for our actual day wedding. Therefore, we had engaged them for both the photography and videography services for actual day wedding in January this year! It was a pleasure working with the best photography/videography ensemble ever (Gwo Wei, Jacky and Daniel)!

I’d remember from time to time, when there were situations to manage, Gwo Wei had been very assuring and all I remember was he said to us “don’t worry, all will turn out well”. How true can it be! The photos he captured made us feel that we had a perfect and beautiful wedding! Some beautiful moments that we didn’t know existed until we looked through the photos! Many of our friends and relatives have also complimented on the style and quality of photos and videos!

Apic moments has also delivered the photos and videos to us in a very timely manner. Very thankful, so as you could imagine how much we look forward to receiving them! 
Thank you once again for your efforts and spectacular work. We just couldn’t be happier with the beautiful memories you captured for us. We will certainly recommend Apic Moments to anyone we know. We wish the team every success for the future. The team outstanding work clearly speaks for itself!

Sandy and Eugene

Eugene & Sandy

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